Product Overview

The product CADVICE consists out of the following components:

  • CADVICE.Batch
    - Analysis, Conversions, Corrections, Healing, Resetting of Attributes.
    - Entity Statistic (entity type counts) for IGES and STEP in XML format.
  • CADVICE.View
    - Visualization of CAD-Elements (IGES and STEP)

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    CADVICE.Batch analyzes, converts and corrects certain elements (entities) on IGES / STEP files.
    Functions of CADVICE.Batch are (among others):
    - Deactivation of entities causing problems in the data set - i.e. during transfer (IGES / STEP)
    - Check for twisted surfaces on STEP-files (surface normal inverts)
    - Check for gaps in composite curves, trimcurves and 3D-splines
    - Check for minisegments in curves
    - Check for redundant references in subfigures
    - Adaption of sizes of texts and arrows (ProEngineer <--> CATIA)
    - Deactivation of redundant dimension texts (causes shadow texts in CATIA)
    - Correction of the direction of arrow leaders
    - Deactivation of identical section lining boundary curves (can cause abnormal terminations in receiving systems)
    - Assignment of color and level
    - Surface Normal Alignment, Alignment of Surface Normals
    - etc.
    Further functions are under development.
    Functions for STEP are continuously extended.
    CADVICE.Batch is directive controlled:
    particularities of CAD/CAM, CAE, CFD systems can be solved by different directive files.
    CADVICE.Batch changes only those elements, attributes and structures on the IGES/ STEP file,
    which are addressed by directives.

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    CADVICE.XML is a batch utility and comprises the functions "Entity Statistics (entity type counts) of IGES and STEP files"
    of CADVICE.Batch. The output format is XML
    For the above mentioned functions, the separate utility CADVICE.XML has been created for faster execution and is dedicated
    for time critical applications.
    Hence, there is no directive control and time consuming system requests are not used.
    CADVICE.XML serves both the IGES and STEP formats in one program and recognizes both formats.

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    CADVICE.View visualizes trimmed surfaces {faces} (currently only B-spline surfaces) and referenced elements on
    IGES or STEP files - including the uv(2D)-trimcurve projected into 3D-space.
    Defect or not understood trimmed surfaces (i.e. due to different tolerances used) may cause severe problems
    during the exchange of CAD/CAM data - also in conjunction with so-called solids/ B-Reps.
    CADVICE.View yields assistance to analyze such problems.
    Defects such as gaps in trimcurves, trimcurves outside of the underlying (base) surface, etc. can be displayed on
    the screen.
    This delivers hints to the extent of the defects and to the possibility of corrections.
    One can concentrate on a certain trimmed surface by several selection types.
    Types of selections (among others):
    - Pointer (available by translation protocols of CAD/CAM systems and CADVICE.Batch)
    - Pick (mouse click)
    - Name
    - Level (including range, from - to)
    - Element type
    Further functions (among others):
    - Blank/ Unblank
    - Assign colors
    - Rotation, Zoom, Translation (including dynamic)
    - Ruler (mm und inch)
    - Display Controlpoints of B-splines
    - Information about element
    Functions for STEP are continuously extended.

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    r.janecke & partners
    Hannover, Germany
    Fax: ++49 (0) 3212-1237113

    Supported Operating Systems
    CADVICE is available for the following operating systems (hardware):
    - LINUX (X86)
    Further operating systems upon request.

    Listed Brandnames and Productnames
    Herein used trademarks, names of brands and products:
    CATIA is a trade mark of Dassault Systemes SA.
    ICEM is a trade mark of ICEM Technologies Ltd.
    LINUX is a trade mark of Linus Torvalds.
    ProEngineer is a trade mark of Parametric Technology Corporation.
    VW IP is a product of Volkswagen AG.

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    IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) is an international standard to exchange CAD/CAM data
    such as standard geometry, free form surfaces and curves, technical drawings, etc.

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    STEP (Standard for the Transfer and Exchange of Product definition data) is a new standard to exchange CAD/CAM data.
    The definition of faces (trimmed surfaces) and related entity types is advanced.
    In addition to definition of geometry, STEP files may contain product(ion) related data.

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